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Service Sign-Up Instructions

Below are the instructions on what to do when applying for the My Postcards PRO and EXPERT service. Please ensure that you have steps 1-3 completed before you click on "Continue" below. You may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

1. You must have basic HTML skills

You may not be a webdesign wizard to create a successful posty site. Lots of our customers started with very basic HTML skills and developed great knowledge of advanced techniques later.

However to use PRO service you have to be familiar with basic HTML and graphic processing skills - you should be familiar with HTML syntax, HTML editors and image processing software.

If you are totally new to webdesign - please try our FREE service first.

2. You must have a web site

Make sure the site which will contain the posty service already exists, on a server where you have authorized access. You will need to give us the full URL of that site, so make sure you know what that is, too.

3. You must have pictures

To have a posty site, you must of course have pictures! Ensure that these already exist, preferably on the same site and server as the postcard page, but definitely on a server and site to which you have authorized access.

Read this if you have a site on Xoom or Tripod. Their policy prohibits external linking of images. Therefore you can not use images stored on Xoom or Tripod servers for postcards and would have to store them at a better web host. We have a few members with HTML pages on Xoom and Tripod and images stored somewhere else. It is a bit more complicated for you, but it can be done.

Warning! This anti-linking policy is being copied by some other free homepage providers. Check the terms and conditions of your web host carefully! Unfortunately we cannot do ANYTHING about their policy.

Images can be in any format, and may be either static or animated, but remember that if the images are not all in GIF or JPEG format, then some people might not be able to view them.

We encourage you to ensure that you will not be breaching any copyright by displaying other people's images on your posty site.

4. You may have music

You may want to have music on your site, in which case you will need midi files on the same server as the posty page and pictures, or you can use music from our collection of midis.

If you would rather not have any music on the postys sent from your site, then that's fine too. Actually, the main part of this step is simply deciding - will you supply your own music, use ours, use a combination of both, or not have music at all.

If you are going to supply your own music files, make sure they are ready on your site, just like the images, and that you will not be breaching copyright by placing them on your postcard page.

5. Have it all?

Then all you need to do is click on the CONTINUE link below, read all info about billing options and fill out the sign-up form.

When we receive your application, we'll go through it to make sure we know everything we need to know (and contact you if we have any queries), then we'll send you all the information on how to make your site work. You can decorate your site however you want, just make sure that the form input names and content formats stay the same so that our posty processing program knows how to deal with information sent from your site.

Continue to Billing Instructions

Of course, if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to send them to - we're always happy to answer all queries and interested in discussing any suggestions.